“Self Fitness” #Superbloggingchllenge2018 with #Instacuppa

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Exercise is one of the biggest elements controlling your health. Alongside a sound eating diet, day by day exercise can significantly enhance your body with more grounded muscles, weight reduction, and better digestion. Be that as it may, diverse sorts of activity will decide the amount of every you are truly getting.

And the exact meaning of above written words I understood, when I become a mother, I gained around 25kgs of weight in my pregnancy. And doctor said that, it is a good sign of being healthy in pregnancy.

Ahh Good for a Pregnant Women!!

But what about after pregnancy ? That post pregnancy weight? What should we do with that?

“Self Fitness” – I am working on my diets, my workout, gym, and a little plus point being a mother, you had a toddler at home which I call “Your Own Free Gym”

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Public Awareness- Breastfeeding In Public

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In the wake of turning into a mother, there were numerous adjustments in a ladies’ body. Not physically I think even mentally a woman gets changed.

The fundamental change accompanies breastfeeding. Breastfeeding your child is an extremely normal activity. At the point when your infant is eager they should be bolstered and it is essential that you know it is your infant’s entitlement to be sustained when they should be and I can’t consider anyplace that would be improper.

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Green Tea Health Benefits

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In spite of its consistently developing fame, a few people don’t completely understand the advantages of green tea or what truly legitimizes the entire buzz. In all actuality green tea can convey some genuine wellbeing related advantages while additionally offering a light, reviving flavor that numerous individuals have come to revere.

Numerous individuals have asked, is green tea good?

Indeed, the response to this inquiry is sincerely yes. Actually, the medical advantages of green tea are expanded, which is one motivation behind why a large number of individuals around the globe ordinary catalyst with green-tea utilization.

For quite a long time, green tea was devoured only in Asia. Notwithstanding, also in the Western world it has picked up prominence just over the most recent couple of years. There are numerous approaches to appreciate green tea, and numerous things to find out about it. There are a few contrasts between green tea and different sorts of tea.

The most influenced individuals nowadays are the new mothers, moms to be, the office goes, servicemen/ladies. Despite the fact that we know an adjustment in way of life can improve us feel much, it is not really conceivable when taking out only 5 minutes for ourselves from our bustling schedule appears an errand too difficult to be in any way conceivable. Continue reading “Green Tea Health Benefits”

How you share freedom with your kids

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It is Republic day today, the day of our county’s freedom. The day of celebrating our freedom and telling history that what had we done to gain this freedom. Nothing comes in free, even for this day, we have to sacrifice a lot.

To be very honest it’s my daughter’s birthday today. She is turning 2 today. What should I gift her?


AS my girl will grow year by year, she will ask me or learn about the history if this day. But is it sufficient to share those stories of freedom with kids??

Are these slogans, parade, lecture or speech, tricolored clothes enough to teach our kids about freedom?
If not then what should I share with my girl? No limits, no restrictions, going wherever she want to go, doing whatever she want to do, whenever she want to come back home,

Is this freedom?
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We live in a Free World.. Do We?

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What does Freedom mean to me?

Hello guys! I am part of the blogathon #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon!

In today’s world everyone is talking about getting free from corruption, poverty, girl education, girl empowerment etc. But one question that always come in my mind is do we have freedom from ourself? I feel we live in a world where our thoughts keep on overpowering our positive thoughts. In that case we have to think thousand times that is our Mind Free?

I never thought freedom; a simple word would be this much complicated to write about. But after recollecting thoughts for this post I got to know the different meaning of freedom from our mind to real life over the years. For me freedom starts from our self.
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