C-section or Natural Pain ?

When I hear women debate whether it’s better to have a vaginal birth or a Cesarean section, I’m able to offer a rare perspective:

It’s true, as comedian Carol Burnett said, that “giving birth is like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head.” But if you ask me, it sure beats staples in your belly, a catheter in your bladder, intense gas pains.


I had a big time confusion that which type of delivery I should prefer. Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunties they all have same answers for this. “ Humne bhi to bache kie hain, humare time me to koi c-section ni tha”, “c-section k bad tu moti ho jaegi”, “c-section k bad to bimari ghar bna leti hai”

Like Really?? #Dontjudge

MANY women who have c-sections don’t have a choice. It is a potentially life-saving operation. Saving not one, but TWO lives. Discouraging women from having c-sections is not only ignorant, it’s also incredibly careless.

I agree in the early days people used to just go for normal birth that is because they do not have any other option. But now a day’s more and more cases of cesarean are happening. Many people suggest going for Cesarean as it does not involve lots of pain. To be sure, C-sections are safer now than in decades past. This is largely because of improved surgical techniques and better antibiotics to protect against post-operative infection, and because regional (local) rather than general anesthesia can usually be used.

When I was in labor pain it took me around 10-11 hours to deliver baby. My water bag was already burst some days before and I didn’t find that. So whole night I was in pain. And the pain every woman or mom can understand. But every woman is different so the pains and tolerance will be different. I was not ale to tolerate the pain after 7-8 hours and I asked my nurse to ready the OT for me. I wanted to have a C-section. But above that my mom and massi was with me who did not allowed me to do that. So being helpless and in pain for another hours I was there.

Every Delivery Story is Different.

What is normal & c-section delivery?

  • Vaginal delivery happens through the birth canal of the mother.
  • C-section or cesarean involves surgery of the abdomen and cutting opening the uterus to deliver the baby. Once the baby and the placenta are delivered the uterus is sutured.

Differences between normal & c-section delivery:

At the point when a lady selects to conceive an offspring through vaginal delivery, she needs to persevere labor torment. The pain may keep going for up to 36 hours or lesser as well. Be that as it may, once the delivery is finished, at that point torment dies down totally.

Cesarean conveyance then again ought to be picked just if there are intense complications associated with the birth system. Because of the surgery, lady should bear more torment after the surgery, making a ton of obstacle ordinary exercises. They won’t have the capacity to give complete attention to their infant, rather will focus more on mending herself.
In outline

  • Both typical vaginal delivery and cesarean segment are delivery of the baby.
  • Normal delivery is through the mother’s canal, yet cesarean delivery through the surgery which through the stomach area.
  • Normal delivery is favored over cesarean delivery as typical vaginal delivery has more points of interest.
  • In the instance of trouble to convey ordinarily, the cesarean delivery will be advertised.
  • Caesarian area can be elective (arranged early) or emergency in nature.

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