Good Uses For Banana Peels You Have Never Heard Off

What are Banana Peels Good For?

When the temperatures rise above a specific point, we wish to put away our boots and sneakers and obtain out our sandals and flip-flops. This way, you’ll be able to keep your feet nice and cool! Plus, we love showing off our cute sandals. But are your feet ready for summer? If they’re not, you must eat a banana then use the peel for this handy trick we’ve got for you today.


First, let’s speak about the amazing health benefits bananas have. Eating two bananas every day can do some great things for you. they are doing contain plenty of sugar, though, so if you’re diabetic you must use caution when it involves eating this fruit. Bananas are a great source of sweet as we know, but if you’re not diabetic, bananas are great for you! Taking them frequently will give you more energy, your muscles will cramp less frequently, you’ll have less trouble with stomach acid and your bowel movements will improve. Eating bananas also help against anemia, so if you have got an iron deficiency, it’s a decent idea to eat bananas.

That’s all good and well, but you most likely want to grasp why you ought to rub banana peels on your feet. visit the following page to read all about it!

Good uses for Banana peels will be very handy when it involves giving your feet a pedicure!

Banana Peel Benefits On Skin (Pedicure)

Have your feet been without sunlight the complete summer and does one want to form sure they give the impression of being pretty enough for sandals again? Pedicures may be really expensive so we totally dig if you don’t want to spend your money on them. Luckily, we’ve got a handy trick for you that involves a banana and might work wonders for your feet. Bananas are very suitable to be used for pedicure purposes; the amino acids and vitamins within the fruit can help your dry feet become soft and smooth again in no time.

This Is How You Are Doing It

Eat the banana and keep the peel. Clean your feet well and dry them properly. Now, take the peel and rub the within the peel over the soles of your feet. The softening and banana peel nutrition ingredients present will do their thing and be absorbed by your foot soles. Then, rinse your feet with lukewarm water or put them in an exceedingly little foot bath of warm water and a few sodium bicarbonates. Afterward, use a pleasant lotion on your feet and place it on dry, clean socks.

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