Red Wine… Cheers!!!!!!!!

When we hear the wine there comes a smile on our face. Well, who does not love to sip the taste? But today we are going to find out the benefits or disadvantages of red wines and drinking alcohol on your health. All drinking alcohols-spirits, wines, or beers–contain a mixture of water and ethanol, which will cause numerous harmful effects like Liver problems, reduced fertility, high blood pressure, increased risk of various cancers, and heart attack.

The more you drink; the greater will be the health risks. Regularly drinking alcohol more than the recommended daily limits risks damaging your health. There is certain evidence that suggests that the moderate consumption of alcohol and wine can be good for health. Well, if we talk about drinking wine, it all comes down to antioxidants, and specifically polyphenol.

Polyphenol has been known to protect body cells and tissues from damage. Red wine not only slows down the aging process, but can also contribute to weight loss and healthier life, but only if taken in a countable way. The main reason for making red wine better than any other wine is that in the red grape there is a higher concentration of polyphenols than there in any other kind of grape.

However, drinking wine in excess does have potential risks. As we all know excess of anything is not good and the excessive consumption of wine or any other alcoholic beverages led to an increased chance of developing certain cancers like oral cancer, esophageal cancer, rectum cancer, liver cancer, and breast cancer. Taking one glass a day for women and two glasses a day for men will increase your health benefits. Some health advantages of drinking wine are anti-aging effects in the red grapes, reduction of kidney stone formation, death of cancer cells due to the proteins discovered in the red grape skin.

In women, the health advantages of drinking wine help in the reduction of ovarian cancer and strengthening of bones. On the other hand, In men, the health advantages of drinking wine are lower risks of heart attacks in spite of having higher blood pressure. Balance is very much important in developing good lifestyle habits. Fitting in the occasional glass of wine, or a slice of chocolate, cheese is compulsory to satisfy the soul. Being prepared for the unexpected and having a plan b ready is the key to keeping a balance. Now you can drink a glass of red wine tonight with your meal and know that you are truly drinking to your health.


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